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I should probably specify that Nikola Tesla is a cat and Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla is not wandering around my house hiding under things because he is dead


Didn’t catch that last part, sorry.

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is anywhere in the US safe tho like

in the northwest there are earthquakes and dormant volcanoes, in the southwest there are earthquakes and wildfires, in the midwest there are tornadoes, in the southeast there are hurricanes and flooding and sinkholes, in the northeast there are blizzards and extreme cold and flooding, and just when you think you find a place where you are safe there are probably republicans

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he’s beauty he’s grace. he’s mr outerspace

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i went to a “titanic live experience tour,” thing in florida and people dressed up like molly brown, ej smith, thomas andrews, j bruce ismay, etc. and lemme tell you it was the most real moment of my life and also our thomas andrews was hot as fuck like i was so thirsty for him i could have drank the entire north atlantic and single-handedly stopped the rms titanic from sinking in the first place

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wow uh hello look i have returned

Jun 8 23:38


This one has gotten too cluttered and gross. I just want to start over, y’know?

To the followers who won’t be following me to the new blog: it’s been fun and I’ll miss you guys!

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I remember talking to lordmorans about this…

Hot dad!Augustus Moran is gooo

Oh, and happy valentines day, you weird shits.

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   You should be proud to be in America There's a lot of other countries where people don't have as much freedom as people in America have. Don't be ungrateful.

Oh, I am not ungrateful. I am upset. I am upset that because of my gender and my sexuality, I am not viewed as a full citizen and am not given equal rights and am discriminated against in some cases. I am upset that my education is nearly impossible to obtain and I am then called lazy and a freeloader for being unable to pay for that higher education because of the cost. I am upset that I do not have the right to do as I please with my body because a bunch of old white men decided I couldn’t. I am upset that I still get paid less than a man and that it is still legal to do that. I am upset that this country is full of double standards, and because of that I am looked down upon for everything I do even though it affects no one else. I am upset that so many times, the abuser gets away with everything and then the victim is accused (and this happens with just about every crime!). I am upset that I know some of the most incredible people but some of them will get nowhere in life because of their sexuality, gender, or skin color. I am upset that the government still does not recognize certain sexuality and genders. I am upset by how incredible difficult it is to get insurance and healthcare because of random crap companies decided to make up. I am upset that the government DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CITIZENS, BUT RATHER HOW MUCH MONEY IT’S MAKING. I am upset that there is a lack of mental health coverage for Americans. I am upset because of so many more reasons as well.

Don’t you dare call me ungrateful because I’m not in as bad a situation as I could be. Do not dare tell me that I should be content with the way things are because it is different in some countries. Do not dare say that I should be grateful to a country that does not recognize my needs or rights because of things I have no power over.

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My mom is upset that I have no pride in being American and thinks my reasons for it and are less than acceptable.

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what’s a good place to get bra size measuring

My hand

Nah I don’t want cheeto dust on my boobs thanks

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Unoffcial Vagina Master Post


Vagina Health

Labeled Vagina Diagram

Labeled Hymen Types Diagram - [They’re all normal.]

What is a hymen?

Can my hymen break from activities other than sex?

The Purpose of the Hymen

Hymen Shape

Yeast Infection Prevention

Getting Rid of a yeast infection

Yeast Infection Prevention 2

Big Yeast Infection Q&A

How are Vaginas supposed to smell?

Vagina Smells

Vagina Size & Stretching

Douche Fact Sheet

Why see a gynecologist?

Going to the Gynecologist 101

Menstruation Related

Blood Clots During Period

Are large blood clots during one’s period bad?

What’s normal and not down there? Big Q & A

Why do women get blood clots when they get their period?

What are Cloth (reusable) menstruation pads?

Washing a reusable menstrual pad

How to Wash Cloth Pads

What is a menstrual cup?

How to use a Menstrual cup

How to Clean a Reusable Menstrual Cup

Are tampons or pads right for me?

Tampons, Pads, & Other Period Supplies

What is Toxic Shock Syndrome?

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Condom Size Chart

How do I know what fits?

Finger Condom/Finger Cot

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Latex Condom Alternatives

Symptoms of Latex Allergy

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What are dental dams?

How to use a dental dam

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What is lube/lubricant?

The types of lubricants

still adding to it.

feel free to add anything you think may help.

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Lana Del Rey recreating her icons (part 2)

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